Stockfeeds & Animal Health / Vet Supplies

Stockfeeds & Animal Health / Vet Supplies



B&H Rural stocks a comprehensive range of feeds for your livestock and domestic animals.

We have a wide variety of feed options for cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, and alpacas, and laying mashes, pellets, and seeds for all types of poultry.
We also stock a range of supplements, including feed blocks, loose licks, pre-mixes and concentrates, as well as feeders, auto waterers and troughs.

Come in and have a chat to our friendly staff if you need assistance to work out the best option for feeding your animals.

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Animal Health & Vet Supplies

At B&H Rural, we stock a wide range of products for livestock and domestic animals.

We have collars for cats and dogs, leads, dog beds, coats, and training and tick collars, as well as a range of medicated shampoos and insecticidal rinses.
For control of Internal and external parasites, we have a variety of pour-ons, sprays, injections, and oral products suitable for livestock, poultry, dogs, cats and other domestic animals.

Our most popular insect and parasite control products for cats and dogs include;

We also stock a range of supplements to assist with dietary deficiencies, as well as rearing formulas, milk supplements, and bottles and teats. Our extensive range of wound management and first aid supplies includes needles, syringes, wound dressings and more!

In store, you will find tetanus boosters, Ultravac Botulinum, 5 in 1, & 7 in 1 and a range of Troy vitamin injections, as well as water nipples, castration supplies, and de-horning supplies.

We stock the Y-Tex range of insecticidal ear tags for cattle, and Allflex and Zee Tag ear tags, applicators and markers.

Come in, or phone our friendly staff to order NLIS devices.